The NOY Office of Consular Affairs



The NOY Office  of Consular Affairs offers a wide range of services to educate, organize and formulate policies relating to secure the  interests of our nation's people working in Yisrael.  We provide this service through routine online classes designed to prepare our people for the transition into the Holy land.  We will implement polices to ensure a responsive and efficient reply during emergencies, births, deaths, disasters, arrests, and any other serious situation.






The Return to Israel Program- Mission Statement
























Our Visa to Work Program- " The Return to Israel Program"

This program is designed to prepare those individuals who are interested in obtaining a work visa to enter the State of Israel for temporary volunteer employment lasting a fixed period of time under the organization "The Return to Israel Program". We will assist you with all the educational training necessary to make the transition easier and efficient, please click on the link provide below to fill out our online registration form.









The program requires training and specialized online courses to complete before

you can receive an acceptance to make the transition  into the  Israel, please click the link below to access

these training courses.












NOY Office of Consular Affairs

Keturah Yahsharahla- Assistant Director of Consular Affairs