The Covenants

These are a few of the Covenants made by YHWH to the Patriochs and the Nation of Yisrael. Complete with Oaths, Seals, Signs, and Promises.
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 Patrioch Avraham's Covenant

I will make thee a great nation, bless thee and make thy name great. Avraham's seed multiplied as the sand of the sea and heirs as the stars in heaven. Genesis Chpt 12 thru Chpt 17

Land Covenant

Our land covenant was given to Patrioch Avraham the whole land of Canaan stretches for the nile to the euphrates river. Genesis 15: 18 Genesis 17

Mosaic Covenant (Torah)430 yrs after the AvrahamicCovenant Moshes covenant begins, in the wilderness among our ancient ancestors. ( A Nation on Probation) The book of Deuteronomy was our introduction handbook to pass probation. Please read the whole book

400 Year Prophecy

Our Ancestor the Great Patrioch Avraham was told of our 400 yr prison sentence in the hands of our enemies, transatlantic slave trade experience. Genesis 15

Circumcision Covenant

Every man and manchild among you must be circumcised at 8 days old as a sign of the covenant between YHWH & Avraham

Genesis 17

Everlasting Covenant

Our kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom restored back to our own land, a pure language with the Royal family, the Royal kingdom and all our ancestors restored to live in peace  & unity - A new Heaven and A new Earth! Revelations 21, Zephaniah 3