Nation of Yehudah Department of Public Affairs & Communication


As our nation’s leading program designed specifically around the needs of education, awareness and building ethnic esteem , the Nation of Yehudah’s  Public Affairs and Communication Department builds on its reputation of combining essential skills training with cutting-edge topics that address new objectives and strategies to deal with our nation’s economic and social challenges.

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Media Outreach

Our goal at the Nation of Yehudah is to bring the education and ethnic awareness of our people to an understanding of peace and love. We schedule speakers to lead in this endeavor, if you would like to schedule a speaker to attend or officiate a particular event, please contact our Administration Director Keturah Yahsharahla.


Keturah Yahsharahla will proceed with the necessary protocols for scheduling an event.


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We at the Nation of Yehudah have a strict code of ethics which are also called our " Standards of Professional Conduct. We are committed to a code of integrity, competency  and respect toward the interests of our nation's people, our constituencies, clients and other nations. To put above our own interests  and beliefs to maintain and develop a professional benchmark regardless of job title, cultural differences, or moral theories.


We committ to honor and maintain Torah law whether we are representing our nation in a official or unofficial capacity.

The Nation of Yehudah’s Media Outreach Department's communication objectives are designed to increase credibility, impact public actions, raise awareness, encourage open dialogue and mobilize supporters. Our Social Media department is designed to reach through various communication avenues to promote education and enlightenment through  building relationships across the globe.


By engaging social media we achieve the profile advantage of introducing  who we are, what we stand for, - while reaching our family all across the world.