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Learn to Live Program


Learn to Leave Program

The Learn to Live Program is designed to educate and prepare our Hebrew Nation for the development of conscience understanding of their Royal Hebrew Heritage.

The program aims to educate our people to think critically about heritage issues and to redevelop a historical understanding of the history that is vital to our prophetic covenant.


The Learn to Leave Program offers professional development through online and distance courses. Continuing education of the lost history and heritage of the Hebrew Yisraelite Nations. Restoring pride to the 12 Sons of Yacob and preparing for the end of the 400 year exile.


Reteaching and educating our adults, children and youth about what our true history reveals, a nation in exile-a kingship in exile and chosen people distanced from their land and their Elohim (God).


NOY School of Knowledge will effectively through sensitive strategies, approach historical information, oral histories and prophetic covenants with a strong conviction for truth.


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