Royal Office of Prime Minister


The Royal Office of Prime Minister Of the Nation of Yehudah will oversee the preparation of government business as it relates to all foreign international affairs, economic policies, securing agreements on policies with the Crown Council and the Royal Diplomatic Offices. He or/She will assist with the management of relationship between the Monarch’s Royal Diplomatic Offices and the government while establishing precedent and procedures for other heads of the government.



The Prime Minister of the Nation of Yehudah will assist the Royal Diplomatic Offices in establishing the order of precedence within governmental offices, while coordinating the interpretation of procedural guidelines for all areas of governmental activities. He or/She will report and discuss with the Monarch and the Royal diplomatic Offices the clarity on classification of procedures and  all levels of classification for protection of official information. He or/She will serve as the advisor to the Monarch on foreign policy, negotiations, the appointments of ambassadors and ministers, and humanitarian conditions of our people both internationally and domestic. He or /She will represent and participate in public events, conferences and foreign engagements as the Prime Minister of the Nation of Yehudah.


We have chosen a Prime Minister for the Nation Of Yehudah to be  announced in 2021!