Royal Diplomatic Offices


TheRoyal Diplomatic Office is responsible for providing protective security to the executive powers and  high-level  dignitaries in The Nation of Yehudah. In addition, the office allocate certain governmental appointments of dignataries,  missions, oversees the official legislation, protocols, governmental functions, and consulates located within their respective geographic areas of responsibility. The Royal Diplomatic Office operates with a level of autonomy and appoints a chief of staff whose primary responsibility is to  channel the communication between the Royal Diplomatic Office and the Government, informs and advises the Diplomatic Office on constitutional, governmental and political matters within The Nation of Yehudah.


YahEena Yisrael





To contact YahEena Yisrael please reference:

Ms. Levia Liraz Yisrael

Office of Diplomatic Executive Assistant

Diplomatic Executive Assistant to YahEena Yisrael