Nation Of Yehudah- Outreach & Special Events Department   


Ms. Nesia Raanana Yisrael Director of Outreach, Special Events & Concierge Services






The Outreach & Special Events Department encourages dialogue with national & global partners to educate and prepare our people to live according to Torah Law and  to encourage support for the ideals and activities of the Nation of Yehudah.

This department will work to provide information products and services to facilitate the work of the education of our global and domestic identity to ensure internal communications with academic institutions, denominational organizations, community advocates and civic leadership.


Our staff and researchers will support and encourage all  internal & external communications with those agencies to promote increase participation through conferences, teaching materials, local public appearences and online education classes.






Special Events: State of the Nation Address, Demonstration on Washington DC


Education Outreach: providing education and understanding to all denominations, special groups, advisory committees, government agencies, local schools and media outreach.


Publications and Editorial: newsletter, teaching materials, brochures,instructions manuals


Social Media: connecting with our family around the world, domestic & global partnerships


Concierge Services: Our concierge staff can assist you with arrangements for many services


Sales and Marketing:


Public Appearances


Educational Tours



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Ms. Nesia Raanana Yisrael

Director of Outreach & Special Events


Office Phone: (513) 409-3265