The Nation of Yehudah's Entrepreneurship Program


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The Entrepreneurship Program is designed to provide an individual with the necessary tools needed to create new opportunities. Whether you are attempting a business startup or creating a new business venture, we have seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals who will guide you through the strategies, and confidence required to evaluate, introduce and grow new businesses or refresh existing business opportunities.  We will show each individual how to grow and nurture their business through brand building, cash flow management and resource allocation. Our goal is to allow you to understanding the protocols of business and unleash the motivation, the roles and key responsibilities necessary for effective leadership.

For more information, please feel free to contact: The Entrepreneurship Program at, so we can set up a conference call meeting with the board members for approval to platform your products and services. Or if you are wanting to learn how to establish your business products, leadership training, creativity, digital markeing, daily operations, please feel free to email us so we can discuss your vision further.


We have a national entrepreneurship conference call on August 24, 2014 , any and all entrepreneurs, business owners and potential business owners please join us on our conference call: For more information please contact:


Director of The Entrepreneurship Program






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