Diplomatic Offices of Administration



The NOY Diplomatic Offices of Administration will assign appropriate personnel security clearance through background investigation, personal history, strength of character, honesty and discretion. This department will regulate the use and handling and protection of all classified information, conflict allegiances and potential of coercion. This office will appoint positions that will require a security clearance based on duties and responsibilities and appropriate classification. This office will determine when security clearances are necessary in the distribution of documents, security protocols, and security clearance levels and the process involved in applying  and being considered for a clearance. For more information please feel free to contact our offices:



Nation of Yehudah Diplomatic Offices of Administration

Director of Diplomatic Offices of Adminstration

Ms. Selah Yisrael-Adminstrator

Email Address: noydodoa@gmail.com

Office Phone Number: 513-278-3829