Department of Quality Management & Compliance

Director: Malka Yakira Yisrael:


The Department of Quality Management & Compliance  is designed to provide a highly inclusive  compliance services that effectively supports our internal and external protocols, procedures, policies, security and risk assessments in areas  to comply with Torah laws and regulatory laws .

  • To identify the potential risks that our nation faces day to day and provide a comphrensive report to our committees of those risk.

  • To design and implement internal controls to protect our  nation's procedures, protocols and policies .

  • To monitor and report on the effectiveness of those internal  controls with senior level management and the different advisory committees

  • To provide conflict resolution to any of our policies, protocols or procedures in noncompliance.

  • To examine and monitor all transportation and Security protocols and procedure for the safety of our nation's diplomats.



Mrs. Malka Yakira Yisrael Director


Direct Phone Number: (513) 409-4317