Nation of Yehudah -Department of Education and Learning


Director: Saniyah Sarai Yisrael


But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall

run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.


Daniel 12:4-4




Our Mission:

We are committed to ending the feelings of isolation, loneliness, helplessness and worthlessness often experienced by our people .With the understanding that knowledge is increasing and the management of that knowledge is vital to the mandate of educating our people as to their rich ancient heritage and prophetic destiny: which will integrate the cultural and ethnic background as a vehicle to connect our families, communities and nation to provide a renewed sense of awareness and hope.

Director of Education: Saniyah Sarai Yisrael


Direct Phone Number: (513) 409-4276



Director of Education

We provide high quality, interactive online construction classes that can provide you with the educational knowledge necessary for ethnic and cultural potential.  Our classes utilize online tools to deliver both paced and self-paced online classes.

Continuing Education

Our Continuing Education program will allow  adult learners in our communities to strengthen theirs skills and expand their ethnic and cultural knowledge beyond the traditional education received in the  classroom.

Education levels

Our Education program at the Nation of Yehudah is designed to accommodate all of our students regardless of age, gender or different learning capabilities. Our online classes will help to advance your understanding of our rich ethnic and royal heritage.


Parents & Families

Our parent & family program offers a wide variety of resources that can provide high quality materials for you and your family to learn together. Material specifically designed to aide in the re-education of our nation's people.

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