Department of Diplomatic Personnel

The Department of Diplomatic Personnel oversees the selection process for diplomatic appointments, governmental appointments and staff members who work directly with diplomats and their offices. Diplomatic Personnel staff members work to recruit qualified candidates to serve the Diplomats in departments and agencies across the government. Interns in the Department of Diplomatic Personnel will work with our staff to respond to candidates, communicate with the departments and agencies on personnel matters, ethic committees and ensure that the department's priorities of the administration are being executed with precision. Our goals are to research and recruit potential candidates for these positions.


At the Department of Diplomatic  Personnel, we  analyze different executive-department posts, searching for appropriate candidates, and assuring that our choices reflect the highest standards of ethics and aptitude. We extend the priorities and cultural fingerprint through the executive branch and help to ensure that this agenda is executed effectively and honorably."



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Interim Chief of Staff: Ms. Netanyah Sarai Yisrael

Diplomatic Chief of Staff to the Royal Diplomatic Office

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