Nation of Yehudah -Department of Aging, Bereavement & Disabilities

Director: Adoniyah Ben Yehudah

Assistant Director: AnaaYah DaYeYah

Welcome to the Department of Aging, Bereavement and Disabilities


We at the Department of Aging, Bereavement and Disabilities provide resource information, collect information on death notifications, event protocols for the aging and disabilities or  handicap individuals.  We will open communications by building relationships with the different entities to help assist and support our population of  consumers.


We are establishing central planning services to our aging adults to provide resources and opportunities for seniors, creating a network to keep our aging community informed of the current events, resources and professional caregivers availability.


To assist and provide excellent services to our grieving families, coordinate details with our funeral directors to help our Hebrew Families establish positive memories by facilitating  the appropriate funeral services for our Hebrew community. These services are to provide our aging, bereavement and disabled community with dignity and choice we offer a complete list of all the resources that are available at the Nation of Yehudah for our nation's people.




Mr. Adoniyah Ben Yehudah- Director

Ms. AnaaYah DeYeYah- Assistant Director