The Dynasty, Dominion, Authority and Descendants  of King Dawed would be established and rule forever, under our father Avraham, Elohim chose a nation (Yisrael) and from that nation among the twelve tribes he chose a tribe ( Yehudah) and from the the twelve tribe he chose a royal  family from the seed of King Dawed.


Our royal family will always be in existence on the earth according to the covenant made with an Oath by YHWH to King Dawed our royal ancestor. This Oath was irrevvocable, he promised to chasten him, by not to make a total end as he did King Saul but to show mercy on his descendant and establish our royal dynasty & royal descendants and Throne forever.

(II Samuel 7: 14-16) (Psalms 89:3-4,27-35)