Our Weekly Conference Calls


We are beginning our weekly conference calls to plan for all the upcoming events that will change our reality as we know. We invite anyone who would like to participate in these calls to email us:theyehudahproject@gmail.com



Our Weekly BlogtalkRadio Show--- The Yehudah Project



Please Share with Us every Sunday @ 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time 718-664-9551. We are experiencing a global change that will effect the world as we know it, we are taking the time to educate our people and make available all the necessary resources to provide information.


This Radio Show  is our opportunity to take time to educate our people of all the upcoming events, gather together all the trained experts on the different topics  and resources to help make possible  the necessary provisions for food, shelter and security. 

We are creating the building blocks of preparedness and protocols to help develop the necessary information to aid our people with all the functional resources possible for emergency preparedness plans and procedures in the event of a natural disaster or unexpected change in our safety and security.




 The School of Knowledge- Director Eliezra Sarai Yisrael-B.A., M.Ed


Welcome to our School of Knowledge Distant Learning Experience


The Nation of Yehudah has dedicated itself through the School of Knowledge comprehensive historical data and topics to advance the Hebrew Yisraelite Nation about their royal heritage, covenants and prophecies. Utilizing the Learn to Live program, we will equip our Hebrew nation of people with the necessary knowledge to live a more productive and conscience life.


We have two classes every week. Wednesday and Thursday Night @ 7:00 Eastern standard time and Saturday (Shabbat) @ 3:30 eastern standard time. The phone number for each class is 319-527-9197  access code is 256039# all are welcome classes are free.


For more information please contact our Administrator: noydosk@gmail.com