AYE-Ask Your Elders: The Most Frequent Questioned Asked

Ask Your Elders is a page dedicated to answering most frequent questioned asked by the people. We will attempt to bring clarity to any topic asked or submitted to provide historical supporting evidence to the governmental structure and cultural identity of our nation's people.


What is the Nation of Yehudah?

The Nation of Yehudah is a theocratic government operating as a constitutional monarchy, which designates a theocratic system in which our Nation’s Executive and Legislative decisions are embodies by Rule of Divine TORAH Law. A Sovereign Theocratic Nation in Exile with distinctively diversified differences in beliefs (messianic or non messianic),  but not differences in hereditary ethnic bloodline.


Where did the Nation of Yehudah originate from?

During the reign of Rehoboam son of King Solomon near 920 BCE,  the United Kingdom of Yisrael split into two kingdoms as it was prophesied during the reign of his father King Solomon. The Northern Kingdom was given to Jeroboam while the smaller Kingdom was left in the hand of a direct descendant of King Dawed as promised by the covenant of the Most High. 1 Kings 11: 11-13, 1 Kings 12: 1-24



Who are the Original Hebrew Yisraelites today?


We are the descendants of Yacob, his twelve sons black men & women, who have been scattered  throughout the 4 corners of the earth through the transatlantic slave trade; according to our biblical reference we were sold into slavery as a result of the curses of Deuteronomy 28. Our prophetic proof lies in the promise given to our patriarch Avraham that we would be enslaved for 400years before our exile is complete.


What are the Historical Supporting References?

The Holy Scriptures (Bible)as well as research in the sciences (archeology, anthropology, etc) it has been determined that the true ancient Hebrew Israelites and the chosen people of God are the so-called "Black" or "African American" people. Many religious leaders, historians, scholars and archeologists try to deny this fact, the Holy Scriptures provides evidence of the ancient Hebrew Israelites being a "Black" people, when in fact the historical heritage of many Royal Dynasties base their royal bloodline through the table of nations identified in Genesis chapter 10


What is the Lot of his inheritance?

We the original Hebrew Yisaelites were chosen to be YHWH's people, when the nations were divided YHWH chose our people to be a special people to himself, separated from the other nations while dividing the nations apart and confounding the language at the tower of Babel. Deuteronomy 7:6, Deuteronomy 14:2


The Nationality (Lost Identity)


We were discontinued from our inheritance and identity because of our disobedience to YHWH, our nationality and ethnic heritage defines us as his chosen people: we were also warned that YHWH would chose another people who wasn't a people to provoke us to jealousy as we provoke him by serving other gods. Jeremiah 17:4..... Deutoronomy 32:21


InHerited Land Mass


Our Land Covenant with YHWH originated with his promise to patrioch Avraham, and it corresponds to the seed and the land to comply simultaneously together. It was authorized by YHWH as an eternal covenant to be transfered to the rightful heirs according to the promise. As rightful heirs to the inherited land we hold official claim to the land while our government is held in exile, our inherited land boundaries are clearly defined in the original covenant of YHWH. Genesis 17:7-8 -Genesis 15:9-14

The Exile and The Return


We will be gathered and restored back to our own land, under the jurisdiction of our Monarch Government and the world will watch our exodus out of the lands where we were scattered from among the other nations. Ezekiel 39