The Nation of Yehudah Department of Youth & Media:




                                          Nava Shai Yisrael The  Director of Our Youth & Media Department

Mission: The Nation of Yehudah's Youth Media Center is dedicated to teaching and practicing the art of digital storytelling for our socially responsible youth around world. We achieve our mission by furthering participatory democracy, academic skill development and active learning.


By partnering with community educators we will provide youth training in media literacy, technology, production and public broadcasting. By amplifying our youth's voice and nurturing inter-generational dialogue, youth participation and leadership to create positive and caring communities.



The Nation of Yehudah's Youth Media Center will contract with public schools, colleges, youth advocacy groups, youth recreation centers and those seeking cultural development in media literacy, media production, leadership and broadcasting.  


We will offer scheduled instruction and curricula development at our partners program sites.


We are interested in establishing on-going contractual relationships with community and educational partners both domestic and international. If you would like to partner with the Nation of Yehudah's Youth Media Center please email:





Mrs. Nava Shai Yisrael

Director of The Youth and Media Department

Email address:

Phone Number: 513-443-6492